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Bridging the experience gap in the African design industry.

Starting out as a designer can be quite tedious, especially in the African space where there isn’t a lot of affordable formal training. Also, the significant gap between the younger designers and more experienced designers does not help. As part of efforts to bridge this gap, we launched a mentorship program to connect budding talents with more experienced hands in the space.

The DearDesigner Mentorship program is designed to help young and upcoming designers stand on the shoulder of design giants through a moderated mentorship with more experienced designers from across Africa.

How it works

  1. Interested mentees are required to go through a carefully-monitored application process.
  2. Successful mentees would be matched with appropriate mentors in their preferred areas of practice.
  3. Each mentorship program officially last for a specified duration.
  4. Mentors are required to dedicate some time per week to mentees. This time can be used for a number of tasks including project reviews, conversations, and so on.
  5. Relationships between mentors and mentees will be treated solely as professional ones.

DD Mentorship 2020

The #DD Mentorship 2020 was the maiden edition of the mentorship program. #DD Mentorship 2020 was successful as it featured about 101 mentees with 48 mentors across various design niches

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As a non-profit organization, our greatest strength lies in the support of the individuals and the brands that partner with us to execute our projects and nurture our innovations.

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