DesignClass with Tunji Ogunoye
Design Class with Tunji Ogunoye


Everyday, we see  job openings from  companies in need of Designers. Everyday, too, I see designs posted by designers everywheretwitter, instagram and whatsappfew are great, some are just good, while a couple are a bit far off.

Design Class with TO aims at bridging the knowledge gap, for entry-level and junior designers by focusing on core design knowledge. It’s the flagship design class of DearDesigner—focused on building a community for solution-driven designers; getting them equipped for different career phases.

Who Can Attend

The Design Class is tailored for designers that have the knowledge of at least one design software, those who wants to learn core design knowledge and advance to the next level in their careers. It is meant for entry-level and Junior Designers.


Introduction to Design History, Specialization

  • Week 1
    1. Design History and Evolution
    2. Design—Definition and  trends
    3. Design Specializations
    4. Overview of Design Softwares
    5. Overview of Design Elements & Principles
Week 1
Week 2

Principles and Elements of Design

  • Week 2
    1. Typography & the Grid System
    2. Colour Theory
    3. Imagery and Shapes
    4. Gestalt Principles
    5. The Design Process
    6. Design Review

Design Research & Understanding Human Psychology

  • Week 3
Week 3
Week 3

Design Thinking & Art Direction

  • Week 3
    1. Design Thinking
    2. Idea generation & Conceptualizing
    3. Design as a problem-solving tool

Brand Identity

  • Week 4 & 5
    1. Brand, Branding & Brand Identity
    2. The Brand Identity Design Process
    3. Designing Touchpoints, Ephemerals & Visual themes
    4. Logo Responsiveness
    5. Design Presentation
Week 4 & 5
Week 6

Basics of User Interface Design

  • Week 6

Career & Business Growth

  • Week 6
Week 6

There will be a class on Introduction to Digital Marketing facilitated by Tinkling D

Date and Time

June 22 - July 27 (Saturdays alone)

10 am - 3pm


Ring Road, Ibadan Nigeria.

Cost of Registration

20,000 NGN (15 slots available)

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